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by: Elizabeth Chatterton

My relationship with Buffalo can be described as an unplanned love affair.

I never meant to fall for the place - but I did. And I fell hard.


I moved here for college, less than thrilled. My top choice school in Boston had accepted me but I couldn’t afford…

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L1013592 (by sswee38823)

Jeffs are my favorite


L1013592 (by sswee38823)

Jeffs are my favorite

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#16 weeks

Looking bumpy.
#16 weeks

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Animals Acting Human, 1923-1956

Ever since photography began, the genre of animals acting human as been a popular novelty. There is something about animals mimicking human behavior that is just too cute. Whether its “Carrots” the rabbit firing table tennis balls from a toy cannon, a lamb and a cat playing checkers or a cat hanging mice like laundry, its hard not to smile.

As it turns out, it wasn’t just the Internet that inspired people to take crazy photos of animals.

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Photo 18 Apr 1 note Holy Christ! Pregnancy bloodwork costs a shitload!

Holy Christ! Pregnancy bloodwork costs a shitload!

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This spring, you don’t have to put all of your egg-decorating ideas into one basket! Stretch your craft muscles and go beyond the traditional dyed-eggs hues. We love all the crafty ideas that are popping up on Pinterest right now, but these seven ways to decorate eggs totally crack the competition: 

7 Ingenious Egg Decorating Ideas via BrightNest 

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